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Dixie Lake Improvement Board

Steven Felix, Chair

Springfield Township Representative

Paula Lentine, Treasurer

Morton Township Representative

Bruce McCallum, Secretary

Springfield Township Representative


Larry Young

Oakland County Water Resources Commissioners Office

Robert Hoffman

Oakland County Board of Commissioners

The Dixie Lake Improvement Board (DLIB) would like to formally recognize the efforts of its former chairperson,  Donna Ventimiglia. Donna served tirelessly as chair during a tumultuous time over the past few years and spearheaded efforts to complete the new private access site. Congratulations Donna on a job well done! We hope that you are able to enjoy some well deserved time off from your service to Dixie Lake.

In addition, the DLIB would like to welcome its newest member, Bruce McCallum who was appointed recently by Springfield Township to the DLIB as the second township representative.

Dixie Lake Improvement Program Budget


Improvement                                                            Annual Cost

Aquatic Plant Control

Plant Control Coordination



Restoration & Maintenance










The Dixie Lake Improvement Board was established under Part 309 (Inland Lake Improvements) of Michigan's Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Act. In accordance with the act, a lakefront property owner, a representative from each local unit of government abutting the lake, the county water resources commissioner (or designee), and a county commissioner sit on the board.

In 2022, the Dixie Lake Improvement Board held a public hearing on a five-year improvement program for Dixie Lake. A primary focus of the program is the control of nuisance aquatic plant growth. Plant control activities in Dixie Lake are coordinated under the direction of the lake board's environmental consultant, Progressive Companies.

The Dixie Lake Improvement Board is separate from, but works with, the Dixie Lake Homeowners Association (DLHA). Click here to visit the DLHA website.

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